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BASF Agricultural Privacy Information

Thank you for visiting this website/mobile application!  In the interest of transparency, we would like to provide you with the following information related to this specific website/mobile application as well as general information that applies to your interaction with BASF Corporation.


This website/mobile application is hosted by MRM//McCann on behalf of BASF Corporation.  BASF Corporation’s Privacy Policy related to your use and interaction with this website/mobile application can be located here:  /us/en/legal/data-protection.html.  Information on how to turn off cookies can be found there as well contact information if you have any questions or concerns.  If you are a resident of California, this Privacy Policy also contains information about the rights you have in and related to your personal information and how you can exercise your rights.


Please note that this website uses the following cookies placed by BASF Corporation or by the website host:

Cookie Purpose End-of-Life
WT_FPC The values stored in Webtrends' first party cookie are used for maintaining session and user identification across all your sub-domains. Will be erased 2 years after your visit
_ga Google cookie used to distinguish users. Stores the ClientID. By default, a _ga cookie expires after 2 years from the date it was last refreshed. Every time a new hit is sent to google analytics, the cookie is refreshed.
_gid Google cookie used to distinguish users. Will be erased 24 hours after your first visit
_cfduid The _cfduid cookie collects and anonymizes End User IP addresses using a one-way hash of certain values so they cannot be personally identified. 漆原智志梦幻模拟战原画集漆原智志梦幻模拟战原画集,女人的屁股为什么会出血?女人的屁股为什么会出血? Will be erased 30 days after your first visit
utag_main The Tealium Tag Management library creates and maintains a single cookie called utag_main. Within that cookie are several built-in calues that keep track of anonymous visitor session. Like a unique identifier for the session and a Unix/Epoch time stamp in milliseconds. Will be erased one year after your visit